Sunday, 21 January 2018

February's What's On at Darvanalee Designs Studio

February's What's On at Darvanalee Designs Studio 

These are the classes we are running In-Store at 
Darvanalee Designs for February 2018
you can find all the relative information on Facebook 
on our EVENTS tab, as you can see we have lots going 
on this month...and for those of you that are not local, but 
would still like to join in the fun of getting creative 
We have thought of you too... You can now find us on YouTube
we have lots of different tutorials going live this month, everything from 
Block of the Months to paper crafting and sewing 
there will be something for everyone, February also 
see us start to Vlog/Blog about the construction of our 
Recording studio...Be sure to Subscribe to the Channel, as not 
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Programming subject to change without notice 

Until next time 
Happy Quilting/Crafting N ") 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Turn Old Christmas Cards into Gift Boxes Part 1

Turn Old Christmas Cards into Gift Boxes Part 1 

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those old Christmas cards after the silly season?
Well, today I am going to share with you what we like to do if we can't recycle our 
cards locally...See below for all the details...but we also have a great YouTube Video
for you to check out too...To help with some of those tricky parts.

Supplies that you are going to need 

Old Christmas Cards (Rectangle Cards)
6.5" Quilting Ruler or larger 
School Ruler (30cm or 12" in Length)
18mm Rotary Cutter
Glue Stick
Wonder Clips
Paper Creaser

grab all your supplies and 
Let's get Started 

Step 1. Take your card and cut in half. 
Then take the top front of your card and mark a
X in the middle of the card with your lead pencil.

                                           Step 2. Take the short side of the card and fold to
the centre of the marked cross and repeat to the opposite, 
Pressing to create a Crease. 
Now take your long edge of your rectangle 
and do the same thing, creasing into the centre cross,
making sure that you are making a good crease in your card.
you can check out the Video for a clearer image 

Step 3. Once you have made all your creases
Erase out your marked cross.

Step 4. Now get your scissors and on the shorter end of the right-hand side
cut into the first horizontal Crease, now repeat on the left-hand side.
These will form the ends of your boxes. 
Now repeat to the opposite end on of the card.

Step 5. Next, we get our Glue Pen and the right-hand side little tab as shown in Video
and we put a dab of glue on this tab and stick to the end the end of our box, 
as you can see the box is starting to take shape.
 Repeat at the opposite end. 

Step 6. As you can see we have some excess card left at each end. 
We are now going to fold these over our ends, 
this will give us a nice even finish to the top of our gift box. 
                                                       As you can see in the Video
                    you need to add a little bit of glue and a couple wonder clips to secure.

Step 7. Now that we have made our top of the gift box, we move
onto forming the bottom of our gift box. 
We are going to do the same thing as the top but first, 
we need to trim some of the cards from one long side and one short side of the card, we only have to remove a quarter inch from each of these sides...
IMPORTANT: If you haven't seen the Video now is the time to view it as you will be able to see the following in more detail...
Only remove a quarter inch from one short and one long side of your card bottom...if you remove any more than this then your gift box bottom will be too loose. If you are still not sure, then watch this video to show exactly what we have done. 

Step 8. Repeat steps one to step six. making sure that all your sides 
are secure and glued into place.

Tada, you have now made your own little gift box to use for anything
you like...I have used them for all sorts of things
in the past from wonder clip holders to making Little Sewing Kits as gifts for my sewing friends and even Jewellery for my girls...

I hope you like what we have shared with you today.
We always love seeing what you are making,
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of sharing what your gift boxes with the community. 

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                                   Join me next week for part 2 of our gift box series where
I will be making a little ring box. 

Until then 
Happy Quilting & Crafting ") N 


Friday, 12 January 2018

Block of the Month (BOM) January 2018


Block 1
Goose in the Pond 


So let us get started!

What you Need:
1 fat Quarter White Fabric - Background (either plain or tone on tone)
1 Fat Quarter Blue Fabric ( Either plain or print) 
Sewing Machine with ¼” foot
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Quilting Ruler 
Matching Threads
Thread Snips 
Best Press 
Iron & Ironing Pad 

Cutting Instructions:

You can Find your printable cutting instruction HERE
a colouring page for you to use HERE
or you can use the table below

Printable transcript HERE

From the White Background Fabric 

Cut 6 3¼” Squares then cut diagonal to yield 12 triangles  

Cut 5 2⅞” Squares

Cut 20 1¼” Squares

Cut 4   2⅞” x 1¼” strip  

Blue Fabric

Cut 6 3¼” Squares then cut diagonal to yield 12 triangles  

Cut 16 1¼” Squares

Cut 8   2⅞” x 1¼” strip  

Now onto the Assembly of your Block

and Don't forget we have a Video Tutorial for you

to follow along with you can find the Video


We are using Quarter inch seam allowance throughout the pattern and pressing Seams Open. Please Reduce your stitch length
2.0 or 1.8 depending on your machine.

First, we are going to create our Half Square Triangles (HST)

you will be creating 12 of these. Reduce your stitch length to 2.0,
then Take your white and Blue triangles
with right sides together sew an
¼"inch seam allowance from one corner
diagonal to the opposite corner.
Now Press open.
Your HST should now look like the picture below
Repeat with the remainder of the triangles.
This should measure
2 ⅞ inch square


Next, we are creating our 9 patches
you will be creating 4 of these sets

as pictured here. Remembering to use a
¼” seam allowance and press your seams open
square up to 2 ⅞ inch square

9 patch 

Now we are making our Strip sets and we have 4 of these 

Strip Set 

Now let's Assemble your Block 
You can use the assembly video 
or you can follow along with images below 
the choice is yours ") 

it will be 2 ⅞ inch square

Step 1.
take 4 of your HST and 1 Plain 2⅞” white Square and assemble as pictured below 

Step 2. 
Take 2 HST, 2 9 patches, and 1 strip set and assemble 
as shown below.

Step 3.
Now take 3 of your  2⅞” white squares and 2 strip sets
and assemble as shown.

Step 4.
Take 2 HST, 2 9 patches, and 1 strip set and assemble 
as shown below. 

Step 5.
Take 4 of your HST and 1 Plain 2⅞” white Square and assemble as pictured below.

Step 6. now assemble all your rows and pictured below in 
the order following the arrow Directions 

Sew top strip to 2nd strip 
then sew the 2 you have just sewn together to the next strip 

then the next one to the 3 that you have just sewn.
nesting your seams 

and finally, take your last strip of your block and sew it 
to the 4 you have just sewn together
make sure that you are nesting your seams 

Your block is now assembled and ready to be set aside 
do not trim your block until we have all 12 finished 
your Block will measure APPROX 12.5" it may come in at a little less (DO NOT TRIM)
If your block is slightly smaller do not stress as long as we have a
¼” around the block we will not lose any points when it comes to final
Assembly of your quilt. Set this block aside.  

Finished Block 

I hope you enjoyed your first Block of the Month.
Join us again next Month for another Block 

Happy Quilting ") N 


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Just a Little Prep Work For the BOM

I thought I would pop in and give you a little prep work before we get started on Friday 12th January... this will make your BOM experience more pleasurable and save you some time...

So here is What I like to do before I start a Block of the Month or any project.

1. Get a new blade for your Rotary Cutter. This is a must for accurate cutting and piecing. If you do nothing else Do this Step. You will thank yourself later .

2.Change your Machine Needle to a nice and sharp Needle, believe me, this makes things run smoothly, I recommend Size 80/12 universal or Quilting needle. Next give your machine a really good clean, not forgetting the bobbin area, and grab a couple scraps and do some test sewing...and Check that you are using a QUARTER inch presser Foot that fits your machine correctly. Stay Tuned for how to check your seam allowance is correct.

3. Make Sure you have some good Rulers on hand. I will have lists of things that I use and where to get them on the Video and Blog, But make sure you have at least a 6.5" x 12.5" or a 12.5" x 12.5" square you will be able to make all your cuts with these rulers 

you can find a really good pack of Rulers Here

4.Have your Favorite notions ready, Thread Snips, Pins, fabric markers, Frixion pens are the most popular markers, just remember to mark on the back of your Fabric, and a Small trash bin.
5. Have some Best Press (my Fav) or your Favorite Starch on hand you will need some blocks have triangles and some small pieces and Best Press is your friend, your BBF.
If you are in Australia I have Best Press in Stock. contact me Via Facebook Group
to order. 

6. Get your Designs Board or Wall ready to add your blocks to. If you don't have one I will be doing "Live" cam on Thursday on our Facebook Group (time to be announced) to show you how to make one with what you have in your Sewing Room or a Visit to your partners shed.

7. Check that your Iron is in working order... and when I say working order, what I mean, is that it is clean and gets to temp and doesn't spit water out...I speak from experience here, so check it  *** I don't use steam for my piecing, but this is my preference.

8.Clear your workspace as much as possible. A clean and Clear workspace is a productive a little every day from now till Friday, and before you know it, it will be clean and tidy... my recommendation is 10mins a day...I need to take this advice too LOL.
Now you are ready to go on Friday...

As always if you have any Questions please ask and don't be Shy  and if you have any suggestions or tips on how you prep your workspace, Please do share them below, we would love to hear them  

and if you haven't already Join our Facebook Group
and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

See you all on Friday 12 January 2018

Happy Quilting ") N